Summer of Love

An upcoming book of Nathan’s photographs of lower Manhattan in the 1960s. See a selection of the images in the New York Times.


Nathan Farb’s unique 8×10 view camera images of the Adirondacks are catalogued in three books published by Rizzoli.
The Adirondacks
100 Views of the Adirondacks
Adirondack Wilderness



Over decades, Nathan has chronicled the lives
of his Jewish family in Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Nathan’s Galapagos were published by Rizzoli and the New York Times Magazine.

The Russians

In 1977, Nathan travelled to the USSR under the auspices of the USIA. In addition to exhibiting his work, he made portraits of a cross section of the people of Novosibirsk with a view camera and Polaroid back. These P/N negatives were smuggled out through a diplomatic pouch and became a book,The Russians, published in five countries.

The Russians will be exhibited in the Wende Museum in Fall 2017.
See more of the portraits here.

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